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Mining Equipment Knowledge

How to Build Equipment for Gold Mining

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Gold Mining Equipment  can encompass everything from high-tech magnetic resonance devices to a simple pan. Regardless, the equipment must be able to identify the gold and separate it from the rock, earth or other minerals in which it is embedded. The most popular types of gold mining equipment are sluice boxes, gold pans and specially calibrated metal detectors. Gold's particular weight and composition is a significant factor in the design of each piece of equipment . Building a gold pan is a relatively simple process.


  • 1、How to build a gold pan for mining , select a piece of sheet metal that is 2 feet square. Make sure the sheet metal is solid, and does not have any perforations or other gaps through which water could escape.

  • 2 、Place the sheet metal over a slightly curved solid object, so that the curved object is directly in the center of the sheet metal. Hammer the sheet metal so that it takes the shape of the curved object. You are creating a repository within the pan to collect the gold and any materials that surround it.
  • 3 、Cut off any excess material with shears. Make sure the edges are smooth, and do not have any dangling pieces of metal. Also, make sure that the pan's bowl portion is in the center. An off-center bowl will make it difficult to effectively pan for gold .

    Tips & Warnings

    Gold Mining is as much about having the right equipment as it is a degree of patience. If you do not find gold on your first attempt, don't give up. Luck does play a factor in finding gold.  

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