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Working principle of shaking table

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Concentrator table  is applicable for separations of fine-grained and micro-grained rare metal, ferrous and non-ferrous metal, precious metal , coal and other minerals. It can carry out ore concentration operation independently and also can operate in conjunction with jig, screw separator, centrifugal separator and other equipment. The product is  made by the only manufacturer designated by the former Ministry of Geology and  Mineral Resources, in compliance with the Industrial standards.

6S Shaking Table (shaker table for gold) is to make  separations based on the difference of specific gravity of feed materials,  reciprocating asymmetrical movement and the stratification performance of the  inclined table surface in the lateral water flow with obvious zone of the  minerals with different specific gravities on the table, high quality of concentrates produced, convenient operation and adjustment and other features.

Spiral concentrator surface is  constructed of ore sand or slime and is made up of glass fibre reinforced  plastic or aluminum alloy.

6S glass steel shaking tables  are effective gravity separation equipment which can be used for different  operation such as rough selection, elaborate selection and scavenging for  large, medium and small-sized factories and applies to the sorting of nonferrous  metal, ferrous metal, rare and precious metal, gold and nonmetallic ores of  fine grains. Such shaking tables are divided into ore sand tables and ore slime  tables. Ore  sand tables apply to the sorting of coarse ores and ore slime tables apply to  the sorting of fine ores.

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