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Environment-Friendly Mining Machinery To Capture Market Opportunities

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First half of 2009, in response to the international financial crisis, the central authorities on the stimulus package, China growth a positive factor for increasing the national economy recovery has stabilized. According to the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association Mining Machinery Branch of 300 enterprises conducted by Statistics show that the 1-3 quarter of this year sales of mining machinery industry grew with the same period last year 16.03%, but with last year, the growth rate of 30% the year before ,1-3 compared to the quarter growth slowed a lot.
This reporter has learned, there are some companies that are working from out of financial crisis, and even suggested that the development of mining machinery companies have begun to rebound. However, mining machinery branch of the Secretary-General Zhang Sheng Qi believes that the current situation, business cannot be too optimistic about this year, many projects are under construction orders signed last year, also need to be treated with caution behind the crisis. The early realization of mining machinery enterprises can extricate themselves from the crisis, a time for the mining machinery industry the next step in a heated policy debate.
At this point, coincides with a high degree of international attention to environmental issues during the climate change and energy, environmental protection, low-carbon economy, competing on a current discussion of international issues. An industry source said: "Energy saving, environmentally friendly products are the future of medicine to cope with risks." Energy-saving products for environmental protection, slag processing and steel processing equipment will be two major potential markets in the future. The source explained that a blast furnace slag, steel production and the inevitable product of the process, such as refining 1 ton of steel each have 12% to about 14% of the steel slag, steel slag utilization rate is currently about 10%. Most of the slag heap of metal and slag caused by discarded waste of resources. Therefore, the crushing and grinding equipment slag has good development prospects, will directly promote the recycling of slag resources. Secondly, the production of iron and steel scrap iron and steel can substitute for iron ore raw materials only. China's current scrap recycling rate was 19.9%, well below the world average of 48.3%. Foreign scrap processing industry, the trend is broken sorting scrap processing as a leader, the use of environmental, mechanical and electrical integration, and other high-tech, research and development of new integrated iron and steel scrap processing technology, the formation of new high-tech industry and the new green economy growth.
Mining machinery industry Pinaceae Yang, chairman of Shanghai World states also said: "Over the last two years, to address the financial crisis, our business has always been hot this market seize the energy-saving environmental protection, make great efforts to engage in a relentless effort R & D, finally tasted the sweetness." It is understood that The company developed a track-type mobile crushing plant, PFW deep cavity Crusher, cone crusher, vertical milling machine. The market prospects are very good. Enterprise and rely on technological innovation, independent of the first successful development of energy-efficient hydraulic cone crusher, China has long been completely shattered entirely dependent on imports from abroad situation. The initiative for the company ushered in Venezuela and other international trade large orders, to help companies successfully through the "winter."
Financial crisis, instead of standing still, it is better to take the initiative. Current economic crisis has been a serious threat to every small and medium enterprises, this time last year, exports of mining equipment should be the peak season, be pointed out that much worse situation this year, a rough estimate about 30% lower than last year's sales of at least amount. Many manufacturers proposed to further enhance the cooperation between manufacturers, take advantage of resource sharing to reduce cost and improve the quality of products, the economic crisis on efforts to reduce the adverse impact of business. There are manufacturers that is currently subject to strong fluctuations in world steel prices, the domestic steel market prices have been high, steel is the main raw material for machinery industry, if not further reduce the purchase price of steel, it is difficult to fundamentally reduce the mechanical equipment costs.
Mining machinery according to their own actual situation, the product line to a certain degree of adjustment, to take certain energy-saving measures to improve the energy efficiency of large environmental protection equipment, technical level, but also will spend part of the funds to accelerate product upgrading, in the effort to make the quality of products, but also increase sales service requirements, to obtain a good reputation around the world clients.

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