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What are the main factors influencing the crusher capacity

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The crusher capacity is described that how many material had been crushed in an hour. The capacity unit is t/h.
There are many factors influencing the crusher capacity.

1. The hardness of material. It is more difficult to crush the harder material. And it will wear the machine more seriously. The low crushing speed brings low crushing ability.

2. Humidity of material. That is material contains much water, material will be easy to adhere to crusher, also easy to jam in the process of conveying , this will bring low crushing ability.

3. The composition of material. The powder in raw material will influence the crushing work. These powder also will be easy to adhere to machine and influence conveying. It is necessary to screen at the begining for the material contains much powder.

4. The fineness of finished material. High request to the finished material fineness, brings low crushing ability.

5. Viscosity of material. Material with high viscosity will be easier to adhere to crusher. It also brings low crushing ability.

6. Abrasive resistance of crushing parts(hammer, concave, mantle, jaw plates). High abrasive resistance brings high crushing ability.


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